Thursday, April 23, 2009

#46 Madeleine Mary--Bonnie Prince Billy

I first heard this song in 1999 when I bought "I See a Darkness," and it still holds up. When I was 19, this song was about the sexiest, creepiest thing I'd ever heard outside of a David Lynch movie. And for all I know, it's probably about a pirate ship or something.

This is a link to a live version that absolutely does not capture the mood of the album version, but I couldn't find one of those...I suggest buying the album because the whole thing is fantastic.

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WestTown Mangler said...

sometimes, lelo, i am amazed at how we are clearly meant to be together because of how i first heard this song in 2009, exactly ten years after you first heard this song, and how i then bought the album "i see the darkness" because of that, and how that happened exactly ten minutes after you posted your recommendation of the song. i don't want to be subtle with you here because the time for being subtle is gone if it was ever here--or there!--at all, so what i'm trying to tell you is, look: in the ten commandments, there are ten commandments, and the ten commandments are just, so you should ditch that punk come with me because i am just. thank you for the recommendation.