Thursday, April 23, 2009

#46 Madeleine Mary--Bonnie Prince Billy

I first heard this song in 1999 when I bought "I See a Darkness," and it still holds up. When I was 19, this song was about the sexiest, creepiest thing I'd ever heard outside of a David Lynch movie. And for all I know, it's probably about a pirate ship or something.

This is a link to a live version that absolutely does not capture the mood of the album version, but I couldn't find one of those...I suggest buying the album because the whole thing is fantastic.

#47 My first song--Jay-Z

I know next to nothing about hip hop. I know that I really like Jay-Z. A lot. This song makes me feel so relaxed, and when i listen to it i imagine that i am cool. But I will admit that when this song comes on in my car, I always roll up the window like that scene in "Office Space" because I don't want a real OG to catch me and put me on blast for being a lame. There are countless other Jay-Z jams that have held up to repeat listens but this is my current fave even though it's old.

#48 Louis Quatorze--Bow Wow Wow

My boyfriend introduced me to this song. I have no idea what it's about. A fourteen year old girl who's being seduced by a violent thug? Louis the XVI? Is there some kind of deep metaphor I'm completely missing? Either way, Annabella Lwin's voice is indescribable. I wish she was my friend.

watch a video with poor sound quality here:

#49 Oh My God--Ida Maria

I think this song is pretty popular right now because Perez Hilton loves this lady. She is like Regina Spektor with a higher body fat percentage and I bet she could probably do some regular-style push-ups (and i mean that in the best way.) I guess that's how this song sounds too. This track is perfect for when you're deeply confused or frustrated about something that pretty much no one else in the world would give a shit about. I like to listen to it on my way to work in the morning so I can feel really dramatic about how shitty my job is sometimes. Other times, I just like to walk around listening to it, feeling really serious.