Thursday, April 23, 2009

#48 Louis Quatorze--Bow Wow Wow

My boyfriend introduced me to this song. I have no idea what it's about. A fourteen year old girl who's being seduced by a violent thug? Louis the XVI? Is there some kind of deep metaphor I'm completely missing? Either way, Annabella Lwin's voice is indescribable. I wish she was my friend.

watch a video with poor sound quality here:


WestTown Mangler said...
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WestTown Mangler said...

your boyfriend is, if you will excuse my french please, lelo: a pervert. it is bad enough for the neighborhood for people to sing about s-x without there being some girl singing some song on top of all the other s-x-songs that is about s-x with kings that is not savory. i think your boyfriend is bad and i think your boyfriend is dumb and i think he is a jerk and a sh-t-ss who, if you want a good boyfriend, you should not be the girlfriend of and should be my girlfriend because i am a person who is capable of this. i cannot be sincere if i am thanking you for recommending another good song when i am referring to this song, but i can be very sincere when i am thanking you for letting me easedrop on the kind of creep who your boyfriend is proven that he is by giving you this song because now i can court you electronically without knowing that i am doing a wrong thing since you need to ditch this punk, who i will, if he messes with us, lelo, show justice. thank-you for the recommendation for that second reason i explained.