Thursday, April 23, 2009

#47 My first song--Jay-Z

I know next to nothing about hip hop. I know that I really like Jay-Z. A lot. This song makes me feel so relaxed, and when i listen to it i imagine that i am cool. But I will admit that when this song comes on in my car, I always roll up the window like that scene in "Office Space" because I don't want a real OG to catch me and put me on blast for being a lame. There are countless other Jay-Z jams that have held up to repeat listens but this is my current fave even though it's old.

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WestTown Mangler said...

there are a lot of cursewords in these songs and racial slurs. these are things that lead to violence and behavior that is less than desirable in my neighborhood, so i don't understand how someone like you, whose goodness is good enough to be like ida maria could support it, lelo, but i have done some research and discovered that the singer of this song is from new york, where maybe things are different than they are here, and it is possible that people just talk this way normally, with cursewords and slurs, and so it is possible that even though this singer is not contributing to the betterment and safety of the galaxy, or universe if you will, he is not making it worse, either. i can accept that with open arms. thank you for the recommendation.