Thursday, April 23, 2009

#49 Oh My God--Ida Maria

I think this song is pretty popular right now because Perez Hilton loves this lady. She is like Regina Spektor with a higher body fat percentage and I bet she could probably do some regular-style push-ups (and i mean that in the best way.) I guess that's how this song sounds too. This track is perfect for when you're deeply confused or frustrated about something that pretty much no one else in the world would give a shit about. I like to listen to it on my way to work in the morning so I can feel really dramatic about how shitty my job is sometimes. Other times, I just like to walk around listening to it, feeling really serious.


WestTown Mangler said...

i like to listen to this song recommendation when it is time to do justice on criminals in the chicagolandarea who don't understand that what is right is not what they think is good but what me and people like ida maria and you, lelo, think is good, and also because i like your fingermonkey and the song makes me think of your fingermonkey and is how come i think of your fingermonkey, also, when i am doing my justice while listening to the song. thank you for the recommendation.

Maya said...

Who is WestTown Mangler already? I love this song! I am now "following" this blog <3

the word i had to type in for word verification here was "faverson." i wish that was a real word.